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Unlock clarity, dial in your unique position, and (finally!) break the feast-famine cycle so you can grow.

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Is your brand shouting to no one?

Don’t get me wrong.

Honing your skills and following what lights you up is crucial.

Yet, there are moments when it feels like your online presence is shining in solitude. Its brilliance lost in the vast digital space.

You can sell all day long – and you just want to focus on what you do best.

Instead, you’re feeling deflated trying to send out message after message to people who don’t seem to hear you.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You’re ready to level up. You want to crush your goals and own your time.

There’s just one thing standing in your way:

Your lack of clarity.

You’ve taken the courses, published the content, and “done all the things.” Yet something’s missing the mark.

Well, that’s where I come in…

“I’m constantly changing niches because I’m afraid I’m missing out on potential opportunities. It’s exhausting! And it’s preventing me from growing my brand.”

Hey! I'm John

Brand strategist, copywriter, superfan of ‘80s music, and devout “pizza is naked without pineapple” guy. 🍍🍕

Over the years, I explored a diverse array of interests – built a thriving dance studio, started a successful real estate investment venture, launched 100+ websites around the world, founded an international custom car magazine, and became a copywriter.

But trust me, the journey wasn’t always graceful. I’ve burnt out, chased the wrong dreams, even surfed my fair share of couches at times.

Relentless determination and optimism saw me through. And now, the uncertain parts of my journey serve as a beacon for solopreneurs like you seeking clarity and growth.

If you’re struggling with self-doubt or frustrated with your marketing, then Crushtopia is designed specifically for you.

The Crushtopia approach is simple




When your passion and purpose are in alignment, your marketing is in service to you and your right-fit clients, and you apply leverage, you’re poised to grow your solo business to be the business you dream of. Everything here is designed to help you succeed in those areas.

Don’t just build a business, build a life you love.

Here’s how I can help you

Messaging Insights Audit

Turning away potential clients due to confusing messaging or unclear communication? Turn missed opportunities into new connections.

Brand Clarity

Are you tired of your business being a well-kept secret? Uncover how to articulate what truly sets you apart to reveal your distinctive brand identity.

1:1 Coaching

If you want a 1:1 experience to help you get remarkable results. Limited spots. Book a call to learn more.

“From my very first conversation with John, I knew I was in good hands. He took the time to really listen to my vision and showed he truly cared.”

Jesse Thorn, Local Motion

Shouldn’t you be spending more time in your Zone of Genius?

(I thought you’d agree!)