How Better Website Design Can Make Your Fitness Studio More Successful

Are you wondering if you need a better website design?

Just a few years ago, it only mattered if you simply had a website. Oh, it looked fine and all, maybe a little rough around the edges. But hey, it was launched and live. You had a website!

But those times have come and gone. The industry is constantly changing. And consumers are getting more and more sophisticated. Nowadays, your website must demonstrate substantial, meaningful value to convert traffic into valuable leads, and ultimately, sales.

But, are you keeping up?

Far too many fitness studios are losing important opportunities every single day because their websites are letting them down. Before starting your website design, you need to really think about what you’re putting out there into the world. Is it truly worthwhile to the audience you’re trying to sell to?

In this post, I’ll deep dive into several key focus areas to make your new site more successful.

Better Website Design Starts With Having A Beautiful, Mechanically Fit Website

Simply put, your website must be “dressed for success”.

I’d love to tell you that looks don’t matter when it comes to web design, but it’s just not true. People don’t want to waste time on ugly websites that are hard to use. They’d much rather spend time on websites where they’re getting an experience that promises to meet or exceed their goals.

Speaking of their experience, I ALWAYS advocate approaching new web projects by considering both: your goals and your customer’s goals. Taking the time to exclusively see your project from their perspective, if you haven’t done that before, can be a powerful game-changer with highly rewarding results.

Your website design should serve to support your branding. Your colors and font choices should be uniform throughout. This should be in harmony with all of your other marketing materials for a seamless, polished experience.

The design should be attractive and clean with clear, easy navigation. Your website visitors should never have to guess about where they are or where they should go next. Help them and guide them.

Don’t fear white space in your new design. I sometimes have clients requesting less and less space, essentially jamming elements together so they can’t breathe. Be confident in allowing some space around design elements so they can breathe. Trust your designer to guide you in these choices.

Communicate effectively with intentional design. Each and every element should have a distinct purpose with no less and no more than is needed.

You Must Have High-Quality, Conversion-Focused Content

Now, this is a biggie. And it’s a topic I talk about often because I feel it’s uber-important.

A significant challenge for many fitness studios is having high-quality content. Will your website pages be written to SELL or REPEL?

Your content is all of your text and images. Even the bits and pieces that you normally don’t think about.

  • Headlines
  • Page Text including Sidebars
  • Call To Action Buttons & Surrounding Copy
  • Testimonials
  • Images
  • Site Graphics
  • Icons
  • Image Captions
  • Form text (including buttons, field descriptions, error messages, follow-up confirmation emails, and more…)
  • Privacy Policy

Why is quality content so important?

Your website content serves as the communicator of your business online. It’s the gatekeeper to your leads and sales.

Do you want this content to be dry, boring, and uninspiring? Or, do you want it to be engaging, persuasive, and actively promoting you?

What do you want to communicate?

People do business with people and brands they can connect with. You must captivate your visitors to convert them into leads and sales.

Now, let me ask you a question:

Have you ever been to a party or an event with people who just couldn’t stop talking about themselves?

Yeah, me too. It’s seriously off-putting. They don’t give you the impression that they actually care about who you are. Instead, they just want to chew up your time telling you how great they are. You can tell right away there will be no collaboration between you. Personally, I stopped catering to those kinds of people a long time ago. I simply exit the situation and move towards value.

Website visitors treat sub-standard content experiences the same way. They leave and move on.

Well, I see A LOT of fitness studios continuing to make the “me, me, me” mistake. But, they aren’t trying to be rude, they’re usually just focused on the “what they do” part of their business instead of the benefits for their site visitors. They’re not entirely sure how to position their content so it connects, engages, and persuades.

I won’t lie, it takes time and effort to produce great content like that.

But, think carefully… Do you want to struggle to grow or take the time to build a pipeline that flows valuable leads into your business?

Take the time to stake your claim on the web with a solid foundation of high-quality content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Your Long-Term Content Plan

Alright, it’s party time! Your website launched! Can you picture it? Feels great, doesn’t it?

Now, what?

This is where many small business owners get tripped up. They’re not thinking long-term with their website. Perhaps it’s because they still view their website as an expense instead of an investment?

Whatever the reason, you’re studio will be much more successful if you start thinking now about the long-range gameplan for your website.

How will you bring traffic to your new website? Or rather, how the heck will new customers find you? Will it be with paid ads? Search engine traffic? Social media mentions?

How will you do it?

Plan now. Don’t wait until post-launch to figure this out.

The more you can leverage ongoing, incoming search traffic, the more you’ll build up a reliable bed of visitors so you won’t have to rely as much on paid traffic sources.

Have a plan of attack.

Your website needs to feed on a diet of healthy content. Face facts: your competitors will be adding new content. You’ll lose valuable traffic to them if you don’t stay competitive and keep adding new articles to your website.

So you have a few choices: write your own content or hire it out.

Either way, you must have a strategy for publishing your thoughts to expand your influence and reach.

Closing Thoughts

I want your next website to be a successful asset to your business. One that generates leads and continues to give you a positive return on your investment.

You can do that by building upon solid build principles:

  1. Leverage beautiful design
  2. Commit to providing high-quality content
  3. And have a long-term plan so your business continues to be poised for success

Treat your new website as a valuable resource for your business and you will reap the rewards of your efforts.