Ultimate Fitness Studio About Page Secrets (How To STOP Losing Great Leads!)

Is your About page actually costing you leads?

Your About page is one of the most-visited pages on your website. But, is yours designed to convince and convert visitors? Or, is it a barren wasteland of lost sales opportunities?

Sadly, many fitness studios don’t realize that they’re losing good, high-quality leads on this page.

Every. Single. Day.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

In today’s post, I’ll show you how to turn your About page into a powerful lead generation tool.

The #1 Lead-Killing Mistake MOST Fitness Studios Make. Are you guilty too?

If pixels could talk, you’d hear your website visitors telling you the truth:

Dude, your About page isn’t about you … it’s About Me!

Unfortunately, most studios get this one dead wrong.

They spend their valuable website real estate on trying to qualify themselves instead of the other way around: qualifying their website visitors.

Unsure of how to properly sell themselves, fitness studios keep defaulting to the standard “hey, check me out” qualifier: Resumé Style.

But that’s not really selling – it’s telling.

This way of thinking is flawed. Telling doesn’t inspire – doesn’t motivate – doesn’t drive leads.

So, how can you turn it around?

You Must Understand Who Your About Page Is ACTUALLY For (hint: it’s not you)

Remember earlier how I said that your About page is one of the most-visited pages on your website?

Well, that’s not by accident!

You see, from the moment people visit your website, they’re starting to qualify you. Are you even a good fit for what they’re looking for?

They want to know:

  • Do you understand my problem?
  • Are you qualified?
  • Are you trustworthy?
  • Will this work for me?
  • What’s it like to take classes with you?

If you’re not addressing these concerns, you’re not snagging those leads.

There are two simple questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you’re addressing their concerns:

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What value do you offer?

Let’s dive deeper into each one and unlock your magic.

Who do you serve?

If you know who you serve, then you can use language that’s appropriate for your audience.

Do you only serve women? Do you specialize in weight loss? muscle building?

Who do you serve?

Get clear about EXACTLY who you serve to dial in your focus and strengthen the bond with your readers. It pays to come out of the gate charging here, so spend some time to really get this right.

Your area is most likely filled with plenty of people you can help. So don’t be afraid to weed people out and pre-qualify them with the text on your about page.

What value do you offer?

Take your credentials and sales history completely off the table for a moment and give this some good thought:

  • What is it about your fitness business that’s different and unique?
  • Why would someone choose to workout with you instead of your competition down the street?
  • Is there something you bring to the table that’s intriguing and special that people just have to know about?

There are a multitude of differentiators to set yourself apart. You have to know yours so you stand out from your competitors.

Perhaps it’s a certain way that you conduct your workouts. Or a guarantee you offer that no one else does. Maybe your personality and customer service make working with you the ultimate experience.

Whatever it is, you must know: what do people GET by working with you?

Combine your true value with knowing who you serve.

Key Elements Of A Lead-Converting About Page Strategy

Let me say this up front: There’s no one perfect format.

BUT, all of the best About pages have these vital elements for success.

Let’s dive in!

Headline Time: Demand Attention!

First and foremost, you gotta grab their attention with a monster headline.

Don’t be afraid of headlines.

Give ’em a benefit-drippin’, eyeball-capturin’, lead-drivin’ headline that demands to be paid attention to.

It’s the teaser for what’s to come. A hint at the VALUE you provide for those who keep reading.

Does it have to be over the top?


But, it should be relevant to your target audience and be in alignment with your brand. It’s a unifying banner that gathers your ideal audience together.

What’s the #1 thing you’re trying to address?

Here’s an example to illustrate:

Let’s say you’re looking for a fitness studio to help you with some weight loss challenges you’re facing. Which of these headlines would resonate most with you?

  1. About Us
  2. Personal Trainer
  3. Weight Loss Is Hard … ‘m I Right? Here’s How We Help
  4. This Year, We’ve Helped 173 Women End Nagging Weight Loss Issues Once And For All. Will You Be #174?

#1 and #2 … hello, Captain Boring!

#3 – This person gets your pain and is clearly low-pressure.

#4 – Showing skills and tempting you with a provocative question.

Identify With Their Problem

Using your headline as a jumping point, go deeper into your target audience’s problem or need.

You know what they worry about. You know what they struggle with.

So, relate to that!

Riding on the weight loss pain train to another stop … You could dive deeper into the symptoms of weight issues you help people solve. You’re essentially saying: “I know you can relate. It’s like this and this and this.”

Talk about what it’s like to be in their situation and desperately needing a solution.

Connect, connect, connect.

Because, by doing so, you’re proving your value without the need to share your credentials (no resumé, remember?). But, and don’t worry, we’ll get to those pesky creds in a few moments. You’re just planting the seeds for now – getting them to think about WHY you’re the right choice to handle their problem.

Relate To Them & Offer A Solution

All good so far. You captured their attention with your headline and got their blood boiling by identifying with them. They’re looking for a payoff.

So tell them about what you do.

You don’t have to outline every last thing you do. But give them a high-level overview of the breadth of your services. Remember to keep it focused.

Also, do you have an email list opt-in?

This is also a perfect place to include that if you have some sort of giveaway or offer that ties into their key issue. Again, you’re leading with value: relating and connecting.

At Long Last! Talk About You … But Just Give A Little Bit.

There’s nothing worse than spouting off a bunch of credentials that no one’s heard of.

It makes you sound pretentious. And what’s worse? People stop relating to you, which is definitely NOT what you want on this page.

Let people know that you’ve been around the block a bit and that they’re in good hands. Tell them about some of your business accomplishments and personal credentials.

Be honest.

Be you.

Be brief!

And do it in a fun, relatable way.

Here are some other considerations to massage your grey matter and get you inspired:

  • What made you choose your audience?
  • Why do you enjoy addressing your audience’s needs?

Okay, that’s quite enough of you!

Back to your peeps …

Features Tell. Benefits Sell.

Another key component of a powerful About page is letting people know the BENEFITS of working with you.

Truth be told, they don’t give a rat’s patootie about the features of what you do.

Not sure what benefits are?

Here are some ideas from other industries to help you get into the flow:

  • You’re not a photographer who takes photos. (feature) You’re someone who captures memories. (benefit)
  • You’re not a personal stylist who creates outfits. (feature) You’re someone who fashions confidence. (benefit)
  • You’re not a writer who crafts blog posts. (feature) You’re someone who grows website traffic and generates leads. (benefit)

Why do benefits work better than features?

Benefits Sell because they let people know what’s really in it for them. They reveal the end result of working with you.

No one wants just any ol’ feature. Your competitors already offer oodles and oodles of “features”. What they really want is someone who can connect and show them their win scenario after working with you.

Show ‘Em Social Proof

Choose some of your best testimonials and display them here.

Text is cool. Screenshots are cool. Use whatcha got but get ’em posted for all to see.

Oh, and here’s a power tip for ya:

Remember, this page is for people who haven’t worked with you! Often, first-time visitors.

So, include testimonials that connect with people at this stage of the buying process. “When I was looking for a ____, I didn’t know who to choose. But here’s why I chose to work with _____”

About Your Guarantee…

You have a guarantee, right? What better place to mention this than to first-timers who are just getting to know you!

This doesn’t have to be overly formal, again think high-level on this stuff. But, it’s nice to see some further insight on how you work.

And once again, your competitors likely aren’t talking about this.

The Call To Action

Oh, if I had a nickel for every time a website was launched and there was no Call To Action on the About page, I’d be sunning myself on the deck of my diamond-crusted private yacht somewhere in the luscious, aqua blue waters of the Mediterranean right now.

But, seriously…

Let’s recap the journey of your typical first-time visitor:

  • They were visiting your site and thought, “Hmmm, what’s this studio’s deal?” and visited your About page
  • They were drawn in by your headline
  • They connected with how you identified their problem
  • They discovered a little about what you offer
  • They learned about you and your business
  • They got a “glimpse into the future” seeing the benefits of working with you
  • They heard proof from others
  • Wait, and they noticed you offer a guarantee too? And they thought … “Could this get any better?”

Think of it. They continued reading. All. That. Time.

Be a compassionate friend. Hold their hand and clearly tell ’em what to do next. Give them the best advice you could possibly give…

A deliciously scrumptious Call To Action.

The Call To Action on your About page can be A HUGE DEAL. It’s can serve as a Conversion Event where people go from casual reader to lead.

This could be a button that leads them to an opt-in or some other form. Or maybe it’s a link to your contact page. Or your phone number.

It’s whatever the next logical step in your process is to bring someone closer to a sale with you.

So, don’t blow this opportunity!

Go forth and be bold and proactive with this.

Anything Else?

Your About page doesn’t have to be a “one and done” type of deal.

Set it up, work at it, and improve it over time. Your services and offerings may change. You’ll get better testimonials.

Keep it fresh and have some fun with it. Don’t hesitate to put some personality behind it and make it feel like YOU!

Remember your target audience – who you serve and what they need – and you’ll do just fine.

And …

Just like on your new About page … here’s a blatant Call To Action for you. (see what I did there?)

Get Your Free About Page Review!

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You know you wanna.

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