5 Common Problems Plaguing Fitness Websites (And How To Easily Solve Them)

Your goal is simple: you want more leads from your website.

And for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to be happening for you.

The prevailing mindset seems to be that if you just simply push the easy button and launch a beautiful website, people will just automagically find you.

But the web just doesn’t work like that.

This is the frustration that is plaguing fitness professionals everywhere. They’ve spent time and money on websites that aren’t turning the profit they were supposed to. These websites are essentially glorified business cards that can’t sell their way out of a paper bag. Aren’t websites supposed to be investments, not expenses?

It’s time to quit the “easy button” thinking and get back to reality.

But for that to happen, we must get back to the core tenets of what makes a website truly successful.

Let’s get to it …

1. Tighten Up Your Branding

First and foremost, your branding needs to be on-point.

This means your logo, colors, fonts, messaging … every visual aspect of your business must be consistent.

These visual cues, when delivered consistently, help to reinforce your brand in the minds of your potential (and current) customers. It serves as a hint of the experience people will have when doing business with you.

Create a Style Guide

I always recommend that studio owners create a style guide to help maintain consistency in their web presence. The process of putting that together can reveal weaknesses in your branding so you’ll know exactly what to work on.

I suggest putting together a document and saving it somewhere easily accessible. Consider it part of your company’s DNA.

What should you include in your style guide?


Gather your logo and any variations (hi-res, of course). These days, in addition to your primary logo, you’ll also need a square variation or a sub-mark.

Company Fonts

Define the fonts you use in your business. Keep it to 2 or 3 at the most. Unsure what fonts were used on your website? Talk to your designer.

Color Palette

List your company colors with hex codes. Not sure what the hex codes are? Again, talk to your designer.

Save these items in a folder on your computer so you’ll always have them within easy reach.

2. Use High-Quality Imagery. Always.

There’s no excuse for sub-standard imagery. Ever.

No one connects with cheesy stock photography. Nor do they connect with grainy, poorly lit, or otherwise crappy photos.

If that describes any of the pics on your site, I’ve got you covered. You have two great options:

Use High-Quality, Royalty-Free Stock Photography

I have a curated list of royalty-free fitness photography to simplify your search. Find that list here:

Fitness Stock Photography

Get High-Quality Custom Photography

Know a photographer? Have a nearby college with aspiring pic snappers? Belong to any groups where you can ask for recommendations?

Then you have a perfect resource for photography just waiting for you!

For any fitness business, you’re selling the experience and the results. So you gotta have great pics. No excuses!

3. Write For Easy Skim & Scan

You may have the best message in the world … but if people don’t (or can’t) take the time to read it, then you’re really just talking to yourself.

The most common problem I see for fitness studios who produce their own writing is not understanding how to actually write for the web.

You MUST break up your content so it’s easily skimmed and scanned.

People are on the go.

So your goal is to break down your content into little digestible pieces. Here’s a funny way to think of it: Don’t give ’em a huge candy bar. Give ’em a tasty little trail of M&M’s that they can keep discovering.

How do you do that?


Use lots of contrast to keep people reading. Utilize headlines, bulleted lists, quotes, bold text, and more.

Pro Tip: I previously posted about how to improve your writing (even if you’re a non-writer).

4. Who’s Your Website For?

We can easily “nerd out” on things that are exciting to US … but who’s actually going to spend the MOST amount of time on your website?

  • Current Clients
  • Potential Leads

Another all-too-common mistake I see making is NOT thinking of their potential leads and clients. You must relate and connect to sell.

Your website visitors’ view on your website is “me-centric”. That means you must view your site through their eyes to understand their thought process.

Is it clear what you want your visitors to do on each and every page on your website?

Is it confusing? Unclear? In any way?

Your primary focus, with all of the content on your website, should be laser-focused on three things:

  1. The experience you’re offering
  2. The problem(s) you solve
  3. And what your website visitor will GAIN from choosing you vs that other studio down the street

Granted, this can be a bit more challenging than the other items mentioned in this article – but it’s absolutely critical. And the payoffs are the largest too.

5. When In Doubt, Go Back To Simplicity

I yap on about this rather often, but it continues to be true.

Communicate. Clearly.

I saw this fantastic quote recently, in fact, it was the spark for this post:

In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

If you catch yourself adding unnecessary eye candy to your website, get rid of it. By removing friction you increase your website’s sales potential.

Be a diligent sleuth and root out potential problems that could be hampering your leads.

Next Steps

Now that you know the 5 common problems killing fitness studio websites, you can avoid becoming a statistic.

Which of these tips was most helpful to you?

Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it!