Shouldn't your website be an INVESTMENT not an expense?

Do you have a great business ... but you wouldn't know it looking at your website?

If you're fed up, you can probably relate to these types of issues:

You're frustrated because your website is "all show and no go". It looks pretty ... but it's not generating leads or sales.

Your website is just an ugly embarrassment to your business.

Your site is mobile or tablet UN-friendly.

Parts of your website are broken or don't work like you want.

Your customers complain about your website being hard to use.

Your previous web designer was non-responsive or hard to communicate with. You need to make changes but you're feeling stuck...

Rest assured, you're in the right place.

As a fellow small business owner, I completely understand the challenges of running a business. You often have to wear many different hats to keep things going.

But the #1 challenge we all face at one time or another is:

Where will my next client or customer come from?

The sad truth is, many small business websites literally bleed excellent leads. They never live up to their full potential.

They fail to properly persuade, engage and capture the lifeblood of your business online: leads and sales.

How does this happen?

Shortcuts. Ignorance. Poor advice.

I've seen it all.

This ends up costing much, much more in the long run versus building it right in the first place.

Your website should be able to easily guide visitors to make the sale; persuade them to contact you to follow-up; or entice them to opt-in so you can market to them in the future.

Your Website Is Your Superhero Headquarters

If you think of your website as a 24/7 team member, an eternally faithful employee willing to promote your business non-stop, then you'll have the right mindset about how I like to build websites.

However ...

If you think of your website as a glorified business card then I can't really help you and you should look elsewhere.

Your website is your home base.

Think of it as your Superhero Headquarters.

It's prime real estate on your home turf.

It's forever loyal and faithful to you - but only if you treat it with respect and set down proper ground rules to make the most on your investment.

Maximizing Your Investment

There are two distinct components to a successful web project: Content and Design.

Content That Demands Action

  • Your website MUST be built to generate leads and sales first. That's Priority Numero Uno. Then, everything else follows.
  • Putting together your Content will normally take up the majority of the build time.
  • There's a HUGE difference between pitching and selling. Your Content must be crafted to sell, not pitch.

Design That Showcases You

  • Your design MUST be visually appealing to get people to stick around to consume your message.
  • We live in a mobile-first world now. So your website should be designed accordingly. Oh, and it must look AMAZING for every screen size we can throw at it.

I've lost count of how many botched web jobs I've had to repair from not recognizing proper build etiquette. Cleaning up broken websites or telling people that what they have is total garbage and need to start over is never easy to do.

I don't believe in wasting people's time like those other unscrupulous developers.

I'm sure you feel the same way, too.

You see, I treat my client's websites like they were my own.

If they don't work as promised then I feel I haven't really done my job properly.

Who I Work With

To deliver my absolute best work, I'm specific about who I prefer to work with.

I only want to spend my time helping people wanting to take the time to grow.

  • Goal-Focused

    If you're decisive about what you want, I'll know what results you want to aim for.

  • You Have Passion

    I give 100% to every project I take on ... and expect you to do the same!

  • Marketing Budget

    While I do work with a range of budgets, I don't cut corners.

  • You Have Time

    If we work together, I expect that you will make the time and stay on track.

How It Works

Here is my 5-Stage Web Design Process. It's simple. And it works.

  • 1. Strategy

    It's time to kick off your new website build. We'll be performing discovery research on your market, your customers, and your competitors. Then, we'll assemble a strategic blueprint for the success of your project.

    You'll get access to our project management software to help us all stay organized and on task. We'll also set up a schedule for quick, weekly phone check-ins. Communication throughout your project is vital to its success.

  • 2. Content

    Quality content provides the groundwork for generating high-value leads and sales, so we'll spend a lot of time here to make sure it's done right.

    With our guidance, you'll be gathering or creating the written copy and images for your website so it's easy-to-use and serves as a valuable resource for your customers.

    Plus, as a professional copywriter, I can give you insight about persuasive copy that you won't get from your typical "web designer".

  • 3. Design

    Now that we know the exact content you will have on your site, I begin creating your perfect design. Starting with a foundation of placeholder content, I set up the look and feel for your new website.

    By the end of this stage, you'll have a fully-functioning prototype, ready for a complete walkthrough. Then, once approved, we'll move into the Development phase.

  • 4. Development

    During this stage, I dive deep into the coding of your site. We'll also "pour" your content into the new design.

    I perform extensive testing and prepare your website for launch. Upon final approval, your newly redesigned website is ready for launch.

  • 5. Launch

    This is the most exciting step! At this point, your site is fully tested, debugged, and ready to show to the world.

    Once launched, you'll enjoy a complimentary 30-day pass to my Preferred Care Plan for any site updates. We'll also schedule a time to get you trained on how to use your new website.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


Hi! My name is John Maurice.

After building websites for over a decade, I discovered a few common problems that plague entrepreneurs and small businesses. I helped everyone from micro businesses up through international corporations.

I love helping people grow their business with website design but I was fed up with seeing small yet amazing businesses struggle with poorly performing websites. So, I created Crushtopia to help entrepreneurs and small businesses launch websites with beauty AND brains.

It boils down to this...

I believe your website should do at least one of these three things:

  1. Sell your services or products
  2. Produce a warm lead via phone call or contact form
  3. Generate opt-ins for your email list you can nurture for a later sale

If that's not happening ... then what good is your website?

Crushtopia exists to help you maximize your website's return on investment.

Just a few of the companies I've helped:


My customers say...


After we're all said and done, I would use you again. You provided great guidance and took what we were hoping for and made it come to life better than our last 2 attempts ever could. It was nice to work with someone who made us feel like we were a million-bucks when we know we aren't. Your vision of the site, your request for more information rather than less, and making us feel like you cared about our small business is what made the difference for us.

Jesse Thorn

Local Motion Dance Studio

How I Help Small Businesses With Web Design

Leads and Sales Machine

Your website will be built to generate leads and sales. This is the cake. Everything else is frosting.

Beautiful Design

From first impression to seasoned use, I believe your website should remain visually appealing.

Search Friendly

I only ever use ethical and effective on-site SEO techniques with every website I build.

Visitor Bliss

Your website should be easy to use. I guide you to organize your content for the best visitor experience.

Peace of Mind

I build websites that are easy to maintain and believe you should always retain control over your own content.


Your website should look fantastic no matter what screen size your visitors have.

Custom Functionality

Do you need special coding functionality that's unique to your business? No problem, I can do that too.

Built on WordPress

Serious small business owners rely on the WordPress platform. After all, it powers more than 25% of the internet.

Website Coaching

Give me one hour, and I'll show you how to easily manage your website after it launches.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy a complimentary 30-day pass to my Preferred Care Plan for software and content updates.

Branding Checkup

Do you have a strong logo, specific fonts you use, and color palette? Do you have a Style Guide for the branding of your business? Not sure what a Style Guide is?

The strongest brands know the importance of maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout all of their marketing materials. When you become a web client, we'll review your branding in detail. If you need improvements on these essential elements, you'll this offer:

If you need branding help, I'll suggest taking advantage of my Essential Branding Package (includes: logo design, sub-mark, font stack, color palette, delivered in a Style Guide) so your branding is on-point.

Persuasive Content Writing

Does the thought of writing your own website content make you break out in a cold sweat? Is your existing content too weak to persuade your website visitors to take action?

During your Strategy session, we'll talk in detail about your content and make sure it's as strong as it can be.

If you need content help, then I'll make you an offer to use my content writing service so your written and image content is as strong as it can be to help you generate more leads and sales on your website.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand behind my work and make sure you are 100% satisfied at each and every milestone during your project.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand behind my work and make sure you are 100% satisfied at each and every milestone during your project.

Ready to Get Started?

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